A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear young me ,  I am writing to you from the future, a distance of time and space. I hope you do not mind me reaching out to yo...

Dear young me

I am writing to you from the future, a distance of time and space. I hope you do not mind me reaching out to you in this way. I know it is rather unusual. But I would like to share some things that I have learned with you, and I hope that by sharing some backward-looking perspectives I might be able to help you live a happier life in the future. 

You are going to experience some amazing things. Humble yourself or the world will do it for you. The world is so much bigger than us and it does not revolve around us. Remember that, always.

Life will be nothing like you had imagined. It’s going to take a series of failures, for any of what I am talking about to make sense and every one of them will make you feel like you are continually on the verge of doom. Life will continue to throw fire balls at you and to this day it still does. If I could tell you about one thing, life is about how you gonna react to it and not about what is gonna happen to you. 

Try not to give other people a chance to be in your mind for nothing. What other people think about you is not your issue to worry about. Be you and let go. Rehash. This is a hard one for us. It requires consistent practice. We battle and stumble over this one now and again. 

Realize when to get things going versus at the point when to give things a chance to happen. When you are feeling firmly around either, move certainly in that one direction. Down the road, if you do not like that path after you have given it a go, then simply choose again. If you are torn on whether to let something happen or make it happen then sit down and think. Cheer up. 

Read. Make it a piece of your day, your reality. Encircle yourself with people who additionally love to read. Do whatever it takes not to stress such a great amount over: your insecurities, your fears, your weaknesses, your future, and so forth. Everything will works out. We are not worriers. Be kind and smile. 

Finally, and the main thing I really want to say is, trust your intuition. You have a true inner voice. Trusting in yourself is your life’s biggest challenge. So if you take away anything from me at all, I hope it’s to know that you are fine, just the way you are. Set aside the judgement of others and live your own life. You have what it takes. Love you.

Love, Syfka