Things You Dont Know About Me

Greetings to all of you and may you have a nice day ahead. So, I decided to do some random facts about me while I was pondering abo...

Greetings to all of you and may you have a nice day ahead. So, I decided to do some random facts about me while I was pondering about what I am gonna write for my next post, and this idea popped up in my mind. It is kinda interesting, since I had no ideas about what but a plus one, that could mean that you can get to know about me better. 

ONE - I am hyper-organized kind of person. I always get scared and panic of missing on something important. All my things are sorted by types, colors and patterns. The furniture at home, kitchen, and my bedroom will be always set in a particular way and I will make sure that they are neat and clean.

TWO - A little more about myself? Well, I love making to-do lists such as things/works to-do, clothes/accessories/things that I need to buy, favorite things, superpowers that I want and so forth.

THREE - I used to be really shy, painfully shy and really awkward. I will avoid any eye contact with everyone and I am bad with keeping the conversation going. I do not mingle around with people and just dealing with my own business. I have noticed that I have changed a lot from what I used to be back then.

FOUR - This homegirl right here cannot whistle. I wonder how people does that.

FIVE - I love watching documentaries about historical things and outer space. There are lots of them to list but I am a huge fan of them. Either I watch it on TV or on my phone, my love for these kind of documentaries will never fade away.

SIX - Meteorologist was my dream job since I was young. Unfortunately, the universe is not on my side. I am not good with Science. For goodness sake, I have never liked them anyway.

SEVEN - I am afraid of crowded places. Oh, and I like to be in the dark surroundings.

EIGHT - I am more of a quiet person in public. That is because I am having a hard time in finding issues on what I am gonna talk about and I ended up remain quiet. Sometimes, people think that I am boring. Which is totally cool with me.

NINE - I shop alone. I can eat alone. I can watch movies alone. I like to do things on my own, honestly, most of the times.

TEN - Almost all of my friends think I do not really eat a lot. Who does not like foods? We eat foods to live. It is because I do not eat much when I am with people, maybe. When I am alone, that would be the time I am the most hungry person in the world.

ELEVEN - Cooking is my passion. I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

TWELVE - I am a cheap-skate. If there is a time that I need to splurge, I would think carefully before deciding on a final decision. One of the best reasons on why I do not go out easily and spend money. That is shocking because I love shopping, occasionally.

THIRTEEN - I prefer tea over coffee, although that I can drink coffee now. Jasmine tea, ginger tea, green tea. Any kinds of tea, I will gladly accept it and step up the flavor with some honey.

FOURTEEN - Thriller, mystery and gory-stuffs movies are the kind of genres that I always tune in to watch. I am not a fan of romance movies because I lack of any romantic feelings. Just kidding, seriously.

Love, Syfka


  1. omg, most of the point same as me, not sure maybe i am just an introvert person, really sad cause i dont have many friends. :)

    1. I am introvert for most of the times, but I can be an extrovert too, only with people that I am close with, and I prefer to have small circle of friends we do have a lot in common! :)