Living The New Season

Greetings to each one of you. I wish you are in the pink of health. May you have a nice day ahead. Glad that I could start writing this ...

Greetings to each one of you. I wish you are in the pink of health. May you have a nice day ahead. Glad that I could start writing this one because it has been a while in the works of overdue post drafts. So, in my previous post, I did informed you, readers, that I will write a special post about the so-called new season of my life in university. Currently, I just got enrolled here in my university for two weeks and it has not been a month yet. The hectic schedule of classes has started about a week ago, if I am not mistaken. I lost my timeline catch-up recapturing about what happened two weeks ago.

Here I am, be declared as an officially a law student in UUM. Sure, it has been loads of tiring works in the beginning, as a new student had a lot of things to do in fact to be adjusting in the new phase of their life. So this is it, I am in my third week of being a fresher at the Universiti Utara Malaysia and beginning to adjust to my new life in this strange yet exciting environment. 

On a slightly brighter side, I am enjoying every moments here, all the greenery surroundings that are perfect for my nature aesthetic side, to note that I really love the crystal clear skies here. Too bad, I had no photos available to show because my phone was low on battery on that time. The past two weeks has been quite a busy one for me, as I attended several guidance and orientation sessions at university, which were held specially for the newly enrolled students.

It is pretty daunting to summarize it in one single post, which I may make it into post draft again, - to enlighten that I got too lazy to care about all the posts, is this part of my blogging guilty pleasure? I will never know. 

Here is the thing - the little, comfy life I have always known and learned to love back in my hometown over the past five months, came to an end last two weeks. I have been thrust into a life where I have to be an adult, have to organise my own things as usual, wash clothes, clean, - all the things that I would usually do at home. I have to say, I am enjoying the new freedom thing but I am missing those good old home comforts! I have some moments where I do really miss home, but for the most part, I am enjoying myself here. I am hoping it will stays this way and whereas I will not suddenly feel homesick in about three weeks time, geez. I am roughly about 10 hours drive-away from home in Johor. It is far enough that I can't go back every month, that is too bad. But I am fine. 

The residence are not too bad. I have been assigned to live in Inasis SME Bank with my dear new roommate, Atiqah - she is very funny and we had some common interests, we all get on quite well, I am hoping that will continue throughout the year. But you know, my residential area was located about 3km away out from the main campus.

On a bright note, I love being here. The main campus is too big and I am lost finding my classes on the first day of class. We normally took a bus to go to our classes sites, but when we had no other options, we had just to walk to another location and my legs are about to give up already. I ache so badly, it just shows how unfit I am, ever since I have not got back on track with workout routine for a while now. 

About my room, it is fairly a big room for two students - a single bed, long corner desk with drawers, and a wardrobe. The shower is the most annoying thing - it is a communal bathroom, the fact that I don't like it at first because I have been used to have a single bathroom in my room when I was doing my foundation studies back in Dengkil. The room does not feel very homely at the moment, it doesn't feel like it belongs to me just yet, because it has just been three weeks and I am still in the process of adapting. But I guess over the course of the year, it will begin to feel more like home - hopefully.

I was really tired and ready to go to bed in any moment. 

Love, Syfka


  1. Ahhh..I miss my university life :3
    Anyway, enjoy your life (even though, assignments/test/exam are waiting for you but still! :D ) and wish you all the best :)

    Fatina |

    1. Thank you for all the wishes! ❤