Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. Yeeps, another beauty tips/know hows-to post for you. Before I am going out to s...

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. Yeeps, another beauty tips/know hows-to post for you. Before I am going out to shop for another round of uni-related stuffs, I gotta finish this overdue post draft soon. At times, I am quite a procrastinator when I am a lazy bee. OK, enough for my rants. You know, nighttime is also very important for taking care of your health and beauty. It determines how you will feel and look the next day. After wearing makeup all day, your skin needs some tender care at night. Sometimes, the environment can wreak havoc of your skin. Even when you are tired, I think it is worth it if you can take these nighttime routine into your account.

ONE - Cleanse your face at night
Do not got to bed until you have cleaned your makeup off your face. Seriously, do you feel comfortable to sleep with your makeup on? My skin will irritate and dry if I didn't face wash my face at night. If you leave it on, your makeup may cause your skin to break out and blocking out the pores which will make your skin look even worse.

TWO - Sleep on your back side
This is super easy to do. Try pushing your face into your pillow can cause wrinkles and acne to appear on your face. And that is not good, you know. Try sleeping on your back instead and don't forget to wear sleeping mask, if you ever need that.

THREE - Use face masks
I love face masks. Use a moisture face pack/mask that suitable for your skin to rejuvenate better. My current favorite face mask would be Innisfree and The Face Shop products.

FOUR - Drink a glass water before going to bed
This is a part of my habit. Normally, I could not go to sleep without drinking at least a glass of water. Dehydration makes your skin to look dry and wrinkled. So, drink up a lot of water throughout the day and a couple hours before you go to bed, sure you will have to go back and forth to the washroom, but eventually you will get used to it later.

FIVE - Exfoliate your skin
You should exfoliate your skin only two or three times a week, the more often you exfoliate, it will leave your skin dry.

SIX - Moisturize
Moisturizing your face should always come after a cleansing. When you wash your face, you wash away essential oils and moisturizing your skin helps replenish it. Take an extra couple minutes and use a deep moisturizer on the dry areas of face.

SEVEN - Get enough sleep
Bedtime skin routines are great and can make you look better in the morning, but getting a good night of sleep is essential to great looking and smooth feeling skin. Dont be a night crawler. Get some good sleep, you will need it.

Love, Syfka