Things I Wish I Knew in High School

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. I was looking at my high school photos and I think I lost all, almost all of my ...

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. I was looking at my high school photos and I think I lost all, almost all of my photos during school days, excluding the photos that was taken during my high school's graduation day. Now, I have to trace back all those goddamn good old photos during my school days. But then it strucked me, how I hate my high school life for a reason, my life at that time was not an easy journey. I ended my high school life with unsure feelings, torn between the decision on how I am gonna change myself for a better version of myself. I had to remind myself that the emotional vertigo of high school could never have been avoided.  

Lets face it, it is a crazy thing, the moment when you realize that your high school days are coming to an end. Looking back at the last few years, I laugh at all the mistakes I made, all the weird things I did, in a way, are quite insignificant to me and this is my identity. People have known me so well with my 'weird' and unpredictable personality. That is totally cool with me. I would not change much of my high school experience, even though sometimes, I wanted to go back to those times and change the things that went horribly wrong. But I do wish I would have known a thing or two when I stepped into those bustling on the first day of my high school life. 

You know, no matter how long you have been out of high school, there are many things you wish you knew in your years of high school. We make mistakes and experiences throughout high school. It was undeniable, that was the glorious phase of growing up. I did admit that I was a rule-breaker during my high school life, not to that extent extreme one, but I did thought that "rules are meant to be broken, right?" and now here I am, how irony it is that I am a law student and enrolled in a law school, a few years later I finished my high school. Geez, life is so unpredictable. But being in a university student, I realize there are so many things that I wish I had done differently. Since I can not time travel and change, so here is my advice to everyone of you, high school peers. 

ONE - Your “weirdest and lame” high-school experiences will be your precious treasure
High school is all about our glorious phase of growing up. Savour it while you can. You probably won't experience it again once you graduated high school and embark on the next journey, your university life. I kinda hated my high school life for a reason, but that will be my proudest. My string of unrequited crushes, my try-hard style, my distinct dislike of high school and everything related to that.

TWO - First impressions do matter
I used to think first impressions were overrated. Be yourself, but try to start off on the right side. I think it is natural for people to remember their first impression of you than others. After all it is all about yourself at the end of the day.

THREE - Your grades do matter but your grades does not define who you are
Study hard and pay attention to your classes in your school seriously. You need it, for your future. As people said that "your grades does not define who you are," but hold on, this doesnt mean that you should not put effort into your studies, you should, but do not obsess over what your grades could mean. That is not what school is all about. Enjoy your school life while you can and acing papers at the same time.

FOUR - Try to find your passion as early as you can
You know, it is not wrong to start thinking about what you are gonna be in the future. Figure out your passion and what truly interests you. At the end of the day, you will already know what path you gonna take after you are done with high school, just starting there slowly so that you would not be left clueless.

FIVE - Stop trying to grow up
This is what I thought about it - it is not the time, maybe you dont need to be an adult, for now. Stay a kid as long as you can, because time flies fast and before you know it, you have to pay bills on your own and manage things on your own too. No one would be willing to do it for you, dont even think about it. Someday, you will know what an adult will be like. I know this probably sounds silly, but you know, being a grown up is not as fun and carefree as you think.

SIX - Boyfriends are overrated
Easy there, chill. If you have one, then good for you. I wish you all happiness and be well. But if you doesnt have any, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have been single till now and I am content with where I am in life. Stay single and slaying in life with your strengths. Cheers to us, ladies.

SEVEN - Stop caring about what people think about you
It doesn't matter so stop obsessing over how you look and how people will perceive you. The best moment will be when you get to college and realize that you can wear sweatpants, or even your-hobo like outfits and no makeup to class every day. No one will care. Yea, probably.

EIGHT - Treasure your time with your family
Believe it or not, you will miss them a lot in college/university. A lot, like a lot. Spend your time with your family and treasure those moments. Once you leave the home for college, it will not be as lively as before. 

NINE - You can not please everybody
You know, human beings were not built to please every other human being on this planet. Just be yourself and it is their loss to think that you are not good enough for them. Don’t waste your worry on things that don't matter.  

Remember that you have got your whole life ahead of you. You have a long way to go. Take this and learn from experience. You will need this sooner or later when you grow up in the future. There you have it. That is all for now. We all get wiser in time, so sit back and relax. Just go on with the flow, you doesnt need to worry about other things. Focus on your priorities for the time being. Look at the time, I need to go.

" Adolescence is not just about go to a prom or wearing sparkly dresses, " - Jena Malone 

  Love, Syfka