Thoughts on Starting University

Greetings to all of you. A little update of my life, so I am off to Kedah tonight. The new students registration and orientation day wi...

Greetings to all of you. A little update of my life, so I am off to Kedah tonight. The new students registration and orientation day will begins tomorrow. You know, around this time last year, I was doing my foundation studies back in Dengkil, probably awaiting for the classes to be cancelled on the next day. This year, I will be starting my degree at UUM and get to do the whole going to university things again. I am really excited about going away and learning in a law school but I am also, half-nervous and half-worried about everything. I dont want to overthink about matters that probably is just a small matter - maybe I did thought it that way.

Being away from family, again, and this time will be much further, got me thinking that the house will not be lively as before. And my brother will be off to his university again soon, since the inter-semester break will be ended sooner than he thought. There will be my parents and my two little troublemakers younger brothers that will be living in our house. I have been casually enjoying my 5-months long break after I finished with my foundation studies, and I have to hustling in a law school again, gotta hustle everyday.

But here is the thing - I will be moving out of my family home to live with people I havent even met yet, I might be looking forward to this, but I am glad that some of my friends and classmates during my foundation year are going to same university as mine! The next few months are going to be so exciting but with the excitement also comes a lot of nerves, way too much. I am pressured by the high expectation of my parents, I wanna make them proud again with my achievements, but at the same time I wanna enjoy the next 4 years of my life as fun as I can and acing law school gracefully, and I will not let the years of my university life sink deep down in the ocean just like that.

Frankly, I know I will be sad to leave the life at home but after waiting for this moment to come, the adrenaline rush is starting to kick in. I am so excited to meet different people and build strong relationships network with others. It is exciting. the thought that I will be making some new friends soon. I have been eager to meet one although my social skills is equivalent to cold ice tea. I hope my anxiety does not hold me back from making new friends like it has in the past. I really want to have the confidence, so that when I walk through the door to my room and initiate a conversation or just say hello. This would be a big step for me but then again, staying completely silent is inevitable, I can't avoid it. But hey lets face it, that is not the thing that I should worry about, people get savvier in time.

I am trying not to worry about too much things. Hopefully the fact that I have been a fresher before will help me this year, the things that I have learned in my foundation studies over a year, that I will be able to use to make this year go a little smoother. I am really looking forward to moving in to UUM. I have never been to Kedah, so this will be my first time, travelling to the northern part of the country. I really had fun buying some new bits and decoration for my new room and printing out some fresh photos to decorate my wall better. I can't wait to set it up all! I really hope everything goes well.

So, I had thought of some goals to set myself for this academic year, especially since this is my first year at university. I thought it would be nice to share them with all of you. Hopefully, I am sure that these will help me to make the most of my freshman year in university.

ONE - Get enough sleep as possible as you can
TWO - Start my assignments month before their submission date
THREE - Stop spending money on things that I want but don’t need
FOUR - Eat well and exercise, be active
FIVE - Go to class, never skips them unless you are sick
SIX - Participate in extra curricular activities
SEVEN - Take it serious, but not too serious
EIGHT - Surround yourself with good people and take it all in
NINE - Be independent on your own

All the best for your studies, freshman peers. And with the car that almost packed with all of my overload stuffs, and my heart all flutter with everything that it stood for, goodbye home, hello Kedah!

Love, Syfka


  1. goodluck awak ! maybe after this boleh pergi alor setar in case dah jemu dengan pekan changlun / perlis :D

    1. Thank you ❤ will definitely singgah alor setar hehe thanks for the recommendation! ü

  2. Good luck on your studies! And enjoy it as much as you can. I'm going to graduate in another 5 or 6 months and I'm not prepared at all. The working world seems so scary.

    1. Thank you so much ❤ I really hope that everything will be going well & OMG you will be graduating this year, all the best! ü

  3. I love your writing! Worth to be read. Followed you. Do followback :) All the best in your new stage of education. Have faith and make your parents proud! :)

    1. Thank you ❤ You made my day better ü