Heal Yourself

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. So, writing a post at 4AM will never beat out the most anxious feeling that I ha...

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. So, writing a post at 4AM will never beat out the most anxious feeling that I have ever get. Overthinking is one of the most professional job that I can be at, professional over-thinker to be precise. It is that time again where my thoughts are running wild in my head and I need to vent it out rather than keeping it unsaid, it will be a mess. So, here I am the most intentive outlet of mine, where I can express my thoughts freely. While listening to Love in Color by Taeyeon, and I really adore her, thats it, no other words that I can said to this multitalented gem right here, my ultimate girl crush. 

My thoughts on how to heal yourself for the hearts that are no longer broken?

You know, yes you you and you. Listen to this words that I am gonna write to you here. This life is too short and too imperfect for you to walk around with your head hanging so low. You are too incredible of a person, too big a gift to shrug your shoulders and have tears falling from your eyes. You deserve some time to heal yourself. Stop waiting to show yourself the love and attention that you have deserved all along. Stop convincing yourself that you first need to attain something or lose something in order to make peace with your soul existence. It is the time for you to stop denying that you are the one inflicting so much pain upon yourself. It is that time for you to start healing yourself.

But here is the thing - you have to know that pain is a part of the journey and that healing part will come. Remind yourself that you are stronger than you thought you would be. Tell yourself that you are worth it and will get through. What you have to do? Let go of all the heartache. Let go of the people who could not afford to stay, who did not want love you how you needed to be loved. Let go of the heartbreak that has been eating away at your chest. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in connecting with someone else, for the foolishness in giving your heart to the wrong person, for all the ways they broke you when you believed and saw the best in them.

It is time to stop surrounding yourself with people who make you feel lonelier than you would if you were alone. It is the time for you to stop filling your head with thoughts that hinder your growth to heal and love yourself more. You are the only one who can do that and no one else can.

Stand up to yourself and fight your inner demons. Stand up to those around you who reflect parts of you that you need to overcome. Fight for your goddamn life. Cherish it, protect it, and savor it to the fullest and all the way you can. It is the time to stop rejecting that which needs to be accepted. It is time for you to stop accepting that which needs to be rejected.

Now, it is the time to forgive and move on. It is the for you time to get to know yourself better and learn what you need to heal. Know your worth and your strength. Find your inner voice. 

You know what? You do not have to live your life feeling empty, feeling torn down, feeling like something is missing. You do not have to walk around with tired hands, with swollen eyes, with a heart that barely knows how to beat on its own. So give yourself permission. Allow yourself to start over, to move on, to put the past behind you and focus your face forward. Let yourself open, trust, forgive.

Let yourself be loved by yourself, and by others who will soon cross your path in the future.

You do not have to spend your life feeling so hurt by the past, so changed because of what happened to you. Your life is too precious to waste in sorrow. So open your eyes and your heart, let go, and give yourself permission to begin again. Heal yourself. I am signing off for the day. 

Love, Syfka