Looking Up to The Sky

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. It has been a long time has not it? I have been so hard-pressed with the hectic ...

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. It has been a long time has not it? I have been so hard-pressed with the hectic life of a first year student that are occupied with assignments, tests, law cases and tutorial questions, what a life. And I have been a busy-bee attending myself to several meetings and interviews. Oh, now that I have mentioned it, recently a few days ago I got myself scored up to attend the Moot tryout sessions, it was nerve-wrecking I can say that. On the same day, I was the committee that involved with the Mental Health Awareness day organised by the Asean Law Students Association of UUM. 

Why I love looking up to the sky and staring at it endlessly?

You know, when you are looking up, you can feel those eternity vibes. I do not know how to say it with explainable words, but you can feel that when you do it. There are so much things about sky that makes me feel that I have to see it everyday, excuse minutes of moment in a day. The clouds, the stars and the transition of the clouds and everything about it. 

Clouds. They are almost always over our heads. Gray ones bring rain, puffy ones make shapes, and they always have a silver lining. What else is there to know, right? Clouds, those bundles of collected water vapor, deserve only a cursory mention or serve as the background for clich├ęd quotes. But what are clouds, really, other than just another part of the weather, an accessory to everyday life. As an avid cloud enthusiast, they are so much more to me, and as I believed since I was a child, there must be a story behind it.

By staring at the sky, you find out that really there are no boundaries or limitations. You can see that there are no borders in space, time or gravity; that beyond this planet of ours there is a huge space of experiences unopened and unrevealed. You know, staring at the unknown yet massive sky with clouds rolling by, way past the trees and deep into the stars, you are reminded of how small they are. You know while you are uncertain, the sky and nature offers all the certainty that is needed for the planet to keep on going.

May be that looks so calm and peace that we search for us. Something very peaceful that never changes even everything is changing in world. Sky is that much spread all over we feel one support from that. And what more, what is above us is beautiful; the rainbows, the golden sun, the stars all make the sky awesomely beautiful. In the sky you can conceal yourself in beauty, hope and solace.

When things around us look so unclear, fuzzy and disorderly, we can look above and see some awesomeness, magnificence and something to remind us that there can be a better direction in which you are going and things can turn out perfect. Staring at the sky restores your hope and makes you connected to nature. Staring at the sky slows you down and offers you a choice and chance to take a deep breath to expand your soul and embrace freedom.

Its just like that if you are away from home and if you were taken in space and from there you let to see your house, you will get attracted to your house, the world will have no meaning for you. So the attraction of feeling peace, is the traces of memories, those memories are not clear but traces are there. You know, the easy way to anyone stuck in the rut of the ordinary is to take some time to appreciate the wonders of every day. Look at the weathered cracks in the sidewalk, the ripples in a puddle of water See the important details and you will start to appreciate life as a whole more, I know I have. The clouds with their uniqueness constantly remind me to take a step out of the routine of normal life and appreciate beauty wherever it may be, also in the sky right above your head. 

As what you have know, beauty is in the eye of beholder

So, next time you go outside, take a look up and see the beautiful hues of the sky, and remember to dream big and smile. If nothing else, keep an outlook on life light enough to float on the clouds, or maybe just think of this post next time you see a red-filled sunset and take a photo of it. Make those as your precious memories. With that, I am signing off for the day. Have a good day everyone. Stay tuned for my next post in which might take forever to be done.

Love, Syfka


  1. i am the same. sometimes i lost track of time just by staring into the sky.

    1. Staring at the sky endlessly can make us lost track of time and the serenity that we feel from the aftermath of it, really put our minds at ease. Thank you for reading!