Things I am Looking Forward

Greetings to all of you. I wish you are in a good health. As the new year expectations and goals are kicking in for now, I dont have a d...

Greetings to all of you. I wish you are in a good health. As the new year expectations and goals are kicking in for now, I dont have a definite answer for this. I mean, sure people would have a list of goals and visions that they want to accomplish for but for me, I would not do that and I just want this year to have a good flow for me. Instead, I am looking forward to all of the things that are going to happen in the future. We will never know about that. It is like a life anthem for me that I want to focus on myself better this year, no more letting myself down. You know, self-love and self-care are important too. 

What are the things that I am looking forward to this year?

Experiencing new places and seeing new things
Only a few weeks into the new year, I have a few, set plans to travel to cities and places that I have never been to before. These trips will be spent exploring new places and enjoying new adventures with people closest to me. And, I hope to gain new insight into this world we live in through each trip and making some memorable memories to be remembered for.

Strengthening the relationships I currently have, and opening up to new ones
Honestly, I have made some really great connections, both personally and professionally, and I want to see them continue to grow. These are people important to me, and I intend to put more effort in reaching out, nurturing, and investing time in deepening these relationships. It is not in a romantic way, I mean I dont want to think about having any relationship/love life this year, I want to take a break from it and I want to grow myself to be better but yet, expanding my social horizon. And I look forward to those whom I have yet to meet in the future.

Making time for family
You know, after all family is all we got. As for now that I am growing up, studying in a university that is 12-hours drive away from home, I want to enjoy and cherish the times that I spend with my family. I appreciate everything my family has done for me up to this point, and this year I need to make sure they know just how much they mean to me. I want to be a better sister and a better daughter. While I may now currently resides further away from home, it does not mean I cant make more of an effort to keep in touch and be a better family member. They are precious to me.

Taking full advantage of every hour, in every day
It is about the hustle and it is about the hard work. I am excited to see where it gets me, and what it will offer me. I am not usually one who can sit around and kill time, I enjoy doing something that I love and I hope I will make use of it every single time and it will pays off.

Going back to the basics
To be frank, I want to write, literally putting pen to paper, journaling each day, and highlighting the good that comes with each day, so I can appreciate the little things in life. I want to make sure, looking back, I can see that with every struggle or obstacle, there was some good that came along with it. And I want this in a special place where I can physically write these things down and vent out my thoughts. Sure, I have my blog for now, but this is something else.

Reading more and be outside of my comfort zone
I have already come across so many reading challenges over the past few weeks, and I want to make an effort to challenge myself in this aspect of my life. I read, yes, but typically only one type of genre and it usually is not placed as my top priority. I want to strengthen my intellectual property by challenging my mind, to think outside of the box, and consider things about this world that I never thought I would. It starts with expanding my horizon and knowledge.

Some new TV seasons and lots of amazing movies
I may have to wait until 2019 for the return of Games of Thrones, but I will get some of my favorites back on and for that, I am grateful. Black Mirror, Westworld 2 and many others more, praise to be all of the goodness that are going to come. On the side note, some new amazing movies are going to come out later in this year, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity Wars, Mary Poppins Returns, and so on. Looks like that I am going to let that cash out to watch the movies in the cinema.

Thats it, the things that I am looking forward this year. I might have to add it some more but it would too lengthy to write for. While listening to Reputation, things are going to be good, I really love the album honestly, but being the cheapskate as I am, only be able to online-streaming it to listen to the songs. Enough with blabbering, I am signing off for the day.

Love, Syfka 


  1. Goodluck & all the best. Semoga dapat achieves semua ni ye (: