New Semester Paved Its Way

Hello to all of you. May you have a nice day and I wish you are in a good health. The new semester has just began about two days ago, th...

Hello to all of you. May you have a nice day and I wish you are in a good health. The new semester has just began about two days ago, there is nothing much changed for this time, except for a few subjects that are exciting to learn for. Have been unpacking loads of things that I brought from home, for sure thats a lot of things that are packed in that big luggage of mine. Also, I have been decorating some new bits for my room, looking the same as it is around last year, it has only been a few months since I resided in here. At present, I am in the semester two of my first year in LLB, or you could even call that as final semester of the first year. Either which one, that probably sound the same.

Thoughts on starting new semester?

Well, I could not say much about this, but I do want my holidays back. I have been casually, no too much loving the semester break that I had but it was not enough. I need more holidays, but priorities wont leave me alone, I guess. Unfortunately, for this semester, there will be no mid-semester break and for someone like me whom her home is 12 hours drive away from the university, that is hard. But I will be fine, I mean, I have my friends here, they could light up my world and getting rid of that homesick feeling. I am not much of a homesick person, but sometime I really want to come back home to see the ones who I love. Guess I will be seeing them soon somewhere in June.

Here is the thing - I am writing this post exactly at 11PM, taking a break from what I was doing, as a stream of consciousness before the next day begins. I have so many emotions rolling around in my head that the only proper way to get them out is to just let them flow naturally, with no thoughts to focus on. Lost somewhere around.

Honestly, I have been rotating between feelings of excitement and feelings of anxiousness about starting the new semester. It has already began, but I have some doubts about myself. Things getting tougher every new semester. I will be a busy-bee with Mooting stuffs and other things related to that. Last semester took everything out of me and having a break for a month and a half has been amazing. It has been nice to study and hustling in law school, then come home and either take a nap or just chill out around the house. No responsibilities, no pressing assignments. It was really nice, that feeling, I need that again.

I dont even know how much I will be blogging since new semester has just began, and I need to cope with everything in control. I have a few blog post drafts to be finished at, but I know this semester is going to be pretty crazy. I dont think it will be as crazy and exciting as last semester but I am taking four law subjects and they are getting tougher every single day, and the other university core courses that pretty much heavy on reading and stuffs. 

This time, I enter every semester with big plans to stretch myself, really research for good experiences, and put all my effort into my classes. I have big plans this year. I am taking some exciting classes, like Business Law and that make me anxious to get started with this semester. To be frank, I feel like I am going to learn so much more about things that I really wanted to learn all this time. I dont think I am going to be as stressed as I was last semester, but this was too early to say this. For one thing, my classes are not much different from last semester, but on Monday and Tuesday, my classes will end at 1PM and that is good. 

Blogging guilty pleasure

Currently, I fall so much behind on blogging stuffs. I have no time to visit other bloggers with their blogs and expanding my horizon better. I was planning to have my own domain by the end of this year, but seems that I have a long way to go. I need to improve and that will take a lot of time. Pretty much I can say that I had big plans about blogging but I did nothing. I just let it pass. That probably what they called as blogging guilty pleasure, nuff said.

I have nothing else to say, other than I am nervous about this semester. I am nervous about how I will do, how I will handle the courses load, and what kind of assignments will be thrown at me. I know I can handle it. I just have to prove it to myself again. Hopefully, I wont have too many whiny blog posts this time around. A fresh start for the new semester, brace myself up and stand tall! This time, it is going to be different. 

Being a student with so many dreams, I try to outlook every possible step to become better and confident each day, which is why planning about all the new things in new semester makes me all excited. With that, I am signing off for the night.

Love, Syfka


  1. all the best dear, take care of yourself no matter how busy you will be :D