You Are Not Alone

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day. Honestly, I want to vent out my thoughts, for most of the times, especially around thi...

Greetings to all of you. May you have a nice day. Honestly, I want to vent out my thoughts, for most of the times, especially around this time early in the morning, I have loads of it, the thoughts that I need to vent out. I am used to feeling all lost and alone for most of the times, but here it is, I want to say a lot about this. There might be people out there who feel like they are a failure and lost, disappointed with themselves, and been too stressed out about it. I hope you will feel better with this.

You are not alone and you are not a failure 

You know, for most of the times, maybe at 3AM in the morning, lost in your thoughts and thinking that all of things that happened to you, sinking down your emotions. You may find yourself wishing the bags under your eyes were money bags instead of dark circles. Everything have been stressing you out and you got tired of it.

There will be struggle, of course
You cant avoid it, there will always be struggle. This is what makes life worth living. The bad days make the good days better. You will be thankful for all the things that happened, both good and bad, to get you there.

There are days you want to give up 
There are days you look in the mirror and wonder why you are putting yourself through this. There are even people who tell you to quit, but do not listen to them. You need to stay motivated, stay focused, and do not listen to the ones who tell you to take a step back and quit what you are striving for. They will tell you it is not possible. Turn those impossible things into a possible one.

Tell yourself that it is okay to feel down and insecure 
Not everyone at the top all the time anyway. Everyone gets their own of highs and lows, they just dont always like to show it. Feel what you are feeling now, remember it, understand that it happens to everyone. Feeling that you lack in some ways actually shows that you acknowledge that you have more space to improve. Dont beat yourself too much for feeling down, you may have gotten there against your will, but you surely can crawl your way back up.

It is okay to let yourself feel sad sometimes
Learn how to turn your weakness into strengths. Make that feeling that you are lacking as your driving force for you to strive harder, to do things better. Someday, you will get to a point when you will just laugh at how hopeless you once felt and how you thought you could never survive from it.

It is okay to feel lost at times, it is okay to not know where to go or what to do
After all, that is what life is supposed to be, life is a process. You dont know what is going to happen and that is alright. Some may pretend to, but definitely, no one does. That is how life plays. Nothing is guaranteed anyway. We can never know what will happen in the future.

You may feel like a failure, but you are not
You never were. You are just someone who is having difficulty surviving through life, someone who is having a hard time trying to see his/her worth. Just hang in there and hold tight because when the time comes that the storm will pass, the clouds will part and the sky will finally shed its light again. And by then, you will finally see that.

Love, Syfka


  1. and here i am, wondering at 4am at your blog reading this. thank you for your beautiful words ^^

    1. Thank you for reading hehe I really appreciate it

  2. Very beautiful advice, always feel like this, even until now its still, everyone just told me 'No, you dont need to be sad', i rarely crying cause i feel everyone just think me 'yeah, you are strong, no worry'. tho inside, only God knows.

    Thank you for this , Aina

    1. My pleasure! I always feel like I need to vent out how I feel and my thoughts so that I wouldnt feel bad about myself and by doing it this way, I feel much better and thank you for reading hehe

  3. 😍 I really love all of your blog posts but I'm more on the silent reader type lol

    1. Likewise, I love all of your blog posts too ❤ and thank you for reading!

  4. This is true indeed! Thank you for the spirit lifting inspiration words! May Allah blessed you.

    Unfold me here : The Hundred Pages | Eyqa

    1. Thank you and thank you for reading!