Embracing the New Era

A warm greetings I bid to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. It has been a hectic week for me, assignments submissions, project...

A warm greetings I bid to all of you. May you have a nice day ahead. It has been a hectic week for me, assignments submissions, project group presentations, mooting competition, and prepping up for finals. The upcoming finals for the second semester will be commenced on next week, having second thoughts on this, I nearly could say that I will just do my best. This semester is one of a hella ride, through ups and downs whereas I feel that if I am taking the right path onto venturing this legal field. But all in all, I signed for this and I should be held accountable for it, by that proving to those people that I am not a weakling. After all, my siblings look up to me a lot, and I should never dissapoint them, I am thankful for their faith in me and believing that I could ace this, and I should have faith in myself too. 

Thoughts on these days issues

On the side note, the 14TH General Election, pretty much a hot topic for us, Malaysians. On 9th May, there has been a voting day conducted all across nationwide but I am not eligible and qualified enough to vote as the age of majority for us to vote is above 21 years old but I am nearly turning 20 soon later in a few months, I was hoping that other Malaysians made the right choice for this, and indeed my prayer has been granted, Alhamdullilah. I have been planning to vent out my thoughts about this but I need gather up my gist turning it into sentences, lots of mixed up thoughts and I realized that I eagerly anticipated for this years' general election, I have never been this anxious and excited about the new era that will be coming for us. Well, I was never taken any liking on any political issues as sometimes that it is dragging me down too much, but being as someone who learns the legal issues, constitutional provisions and feels that all of these things are being into a practice ofr once in a lifetime, I guess I should make a little change up. 

Tun Mahathir has always been someone that I always look up to since I was young, reading his stories from he was just being the new elected 4th Prime Minister back then, his contributions to the country and now again, elected as 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, and thus, this marks the end tyranny of the blue sign. He is also the oldest Prime Minister in the world, governing the then-present country at 93 years old, and still has this driven-passion to contribute more to this country, is an eye-opener for me. His passions enough to motivate me that I should work harder and harder, the fact that I still have a long journey and need to contribute more for this country of mine, been working on this one lately. Hopefully, I will have a fruitful outcomes.

Also on the bright side, happy Ramadhan Al-Kareem to Muslims all around the world and to those who are celebrating. Alhamdullilah, what a great time to be alive. May all of you will prosper and have a blast in this holy month. I promise that this time this post will be a short one, just to update any new posts and I have not been as active as I was before, but fret not, once this finals end I will be on my right track back to the blogging. Have a good day and take care everyone.

Here is to a better future, Malaysia. Power to the people, all hail.

Love, Syfka