Comfort Zone

 A warm greetings I bid to all of you, whoever reading this. May you are in the pink of health. Well this is an interesting topic that I...

 A warm greetings I bid to all of you, whoever reading this. May you are in the pink of health. Well this is an interesting topic that I can talk to, comfort zone. I always think that I would be alright if I stay in my comfort zone but no, I can explore much by getting out of my comfort zone. It is incredibly easy to stay in the comfortable life you have made for yourself, sure it feels really nice to be in that kind of moment. 

Getting out of your comfort zone

You better believe that I would choose a pair of sweats over a nice outfit any day, but I guarantee no one will think I mean as someone who prefers comfort over fashion, but there are the days that I would dolling myself up and stay dressed up, occasionally. It would be so easy to live in what you know forever. Well, you should never be worried about getting new friends in a new place, getting adjusted in a new place, worrying about what kinds of foods should you eat for dinner, planning your outfits for the rest of the week. It is easy to live like that. It is nice to never worry about those things.

But is it worth it? Are you settling into this life that society thinks that you should have just because you have a piece of paper that says you are educated?  If you have not asked yourself these questions in the last couple a months, I hope you will take them into consideration. You should be fearful of mediocrity. Do not strive to be average or normal. You can be so much more than that, you just have the passion for it. I remember when I was little I was told by everyone who surrounded me that I could do anything. What happened to that? How come now when we are in our twenties we keep hearing that we have to settle in order to make life better? 

Here is the thing. Do not do it because you see that all your friends are married at this time of the age, getting into a relationship and your afraid of being alone. Do not do it because you think that it is a good job that could afford your life, even if you hate every second of it while working. Get out of that comfy sweat pants emporium you are living in right now, sure it is comfy but after a while dont you think that you should made some change up for your life?

Maybe getting out of your comfort zone is not your biggest priority right now, but why not? And it is not like you have to go halfway around the world to feel uncomfortable, just do something new, even if it means not getting your usual lunch at your usual dinner. Hopefully this is the push you need. And if so you ever need this, I hope it will be. This is just a mere thought of mine that I happened to across to these days. Have a good day and take care everyone.

Love, Syfka.


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    1. Likewise, happy eid mubarak & thanks for reading!

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