End of Freshman Year

Greetings to you all. May you have a nice day ahead and are in the pink of health. Uwow, finals just ended smoothly for me, or not so...

Greetings to you all. May you have a nice day ahead and are in the pink of health. Uwow, finals just ended smoothly for me, or not so-very-smooth but I did my best. Trying to aim high than the last semester as I am aiming for a scholarship this year. May the odds be ever in our favor. Tonight, as I sat across in front of my laptop, accompanied by the sound of typing, it finally hit me, that the second semester had just ended two days ago. And I came back home to my family, after all family is all we got. Finals ended sooner that I thought. But the thing is, I have loads of things to prepare for the upcoming Eidulfitri this year.

Mind me to remind you that this post is pretty much a long post, I just had to vent out all of my thoughts and I have a lot of things that has been wandering on my mind to say. 

Thoughts on ending my second semester and freshman year

I remember that all those sleepless nights that I had during finals just for the sake to burn the midnight oil. Not much of someone who is in the rush hour to revise all the notes, but I did some revision weeks earlier before finals. It is just that my anxiety hits me that sometimes I feel I did not have ample time to score high and answer well in the finals. But this is the bittersweet of studying, there are just high and down of it. It may be tiring but it will be worth it. I did not expect much for the result, but I hope that I will maintain the good grades and pass with flying colors. 

I can vividly remember lofting my bed after hours of studying and sleeping on the floor while studying for finals. I remember how sad that was, but how excited I was to be finished with my first year of university. To be frank, nothing much happened during my freshman year of university. But the thing is that fact that I will be in my second year a few months now on before the new semester will be starting do put me in blank space, for most of the time.

Also, my second semester was not much anything better than the last one, but I had some bonding session with my dear roommate. In twenty years, I will be telling my children about the nights she and I would stay up laughing, or how we watched movies just about every day. A lot is changing, ending, and beginning as this second semester comes to a close. We are about to be seniors, continue to live with our pulp imaginations, and seriously considering our future.

As my freshman year of came to an end, so many emotions came over me and they were all happy ones. I was happy for all the wonderful friends I made, I was happy for all the amazing memories, and I was happy to be going home again, and this time for longer than just a few days, this time it is gonna be months.

When people say that your freshman year of university flies by, that is an understatement. I feel like it was just the other day that I was moving in to a foreign room with someone I have never met, not realizing they would soon become some of my closest friends, and now I am already a quarter of the way done with my university life. No one ever talks about the good ones, the ones where you become so close that you have made friends you will have for your entire life. I am extremely grateful for the amazing roommate I had this past year, and can without a doubt say that we will be friends for life.

Although many people have left my life, this new chapter of my life has brought so many wonderful people into it, people who will stay in it for the long haul. As cliché as it may sound, and as often as you have probably heard this, university really is where you make your lifelong friends, and I never truly understood that until this very moment. I am so grateful for all the amazing memories I made this past year, and I cannot wait for many more for years to come.

I am looking forward to these next two months of being able to spend time with my family once again, I have been missing out lots of things and I need that bonding time with them again. I realized this is just the beginning. I have so much to look forward to in this life, and my freshman year is to thank for helping me figure that out. There are so many places to go, so many things to do, and so many people to meet. This world is full of opportunities that I never would have imagined, and I am looking forward to seeing what my future holds. 

The excitement for the semester break comes with the reality that there is no much hassle. I have to work to earn that money, as being someone who is young and kinda broke though I did not spent that much money when I was studying, but I wonder where the heck did all my money went to, oh foods. I get to meet some of my high school friends and catching up with our life while chilling in a coffee shop. It has been a long time since we last met. Semester break comes as a time to relax and enjoy, and this one is going to be one of the most memorable I am gonna make, I gotta use the time to work and earn money, because honey, the real world is not much of what we dream of.

Semester break brings a time of joy to life and helps re-energize students everywhere, but I would be lying if I told you I did not miss those late nights of watching dramas/shows and polishing nails with my mates all through freshman year. So lets soak it up. My freshman year was a nice one, though I wish I could more memories with some people that I keep dear to my heart but here is to more years of making another new memories here.

My highlight of the semester whereas I were hugely devoting myself into mooting competitions and be a part of the university mooters team. I am so proud of my teammates and I wish to work with them again in the future, sometime later. The results in the end, we are the 1st runner up for the competition, I am truly happy and proud of my team. To Syafaf & Co, this one is a shoutout for you.

To the upcoming college freshmen, your first year of university life is going to be a life changing year that does not last very long, try to appreciate every moment while you can. Newfound independence can be a scary thing, but it also makes you learn so much about yourself that you never thought imaginable. Cherish this time and all the memories. Even though the time is short, the memories you make will last a lifetime. Have a good day, everyone.

Love, Syfka


  1. I completely understand you. Sometimes those little things I did together with my friends like keluar sahur pukul 3 pagi, pusing satu campus cari best spot nak ambil gambar sunset, pusing campus tengah-tengah malam sebab cari mesin gedegang yang function, movie nights, karaoke sessions, semua tu make me smile alone :')

    1. Yes, exactly just like what we usually did all the times, ah the memories make me smile alone too

  2. You make me miss all the U-memories. *shedding tears* Hehe. Good luck on finding your job and yes I agree we never know the stranger we met today gonna be our long lives friend. Have the best of luck ^^

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    1. Thank you and thank you for reading hehe!

  3. Seems like you was having fun in your freshmen year, I'm jealous of you :)))

    1. There nothing to be jealous of, indeed I did enjoyed my freshman year and I am looking forward for my second year but I hope you will be able to create memorable memories too, thank you for reading!