Wrapping Up The Year

Greetings to all of you. It has been a long time since I last wrote a post. As usual, life has been busy to me as in the midst of fina...

Greetings to all of you. It has been a long time since I last wrote a post. As usual, life has been busy to me as in the midst of finals week on approaching a few of my last papers, I took a short break to write a wrap-up post for this year. I have got so much to say and to express about, this year is truly one of the best year that I have ever had, despite the ups and downs but I am getting there, in wrapping up this year with grace and blessings.

Thoughts on this year

Here is to the year I will treasure the most,

You taught me to see my failures as a stepping stone towards something greater. I learn to see the limitless potential that I have in myself. I begin to accept that they are paving the way to the direction that I am meant to go and understand that every failure is leading me to success. I used to dive myself into the regret and fear of how things would never be the same. But now, I have come to see that on every goodbye, it is the start of a new beginning that I truly need. That I should focus on the abundance of new chances that are coming on my way.

You widened my comfort zone by forcing me to confront my fear instead of running away. You taught me to get out of my comfortable zone and be comfortable of it. You tested my persistence and my determination to live through the good and the bad and I was so glad that I rise up above the challenges and be myself, as what I am deserve to be.

Because of you, I learn that changes may be painful but it is for the better. It is better to pluck up my courage and grab my chance with limitless possibilities than stay stuck in the same story. It is better to have faith that something beautiful is coming along than stay stuck to the past continuously. That it is better to live my life to the fullest, and I want to treasure it.

You also taught me that the past is the past for a reason, as what the phrase could be "let the past be bygones", and I should always look forward. You let me understand that everything happens for a reason and it is the lesson of yesterday that build me to the strong and independent woman I am today. This year has taught me so much about some things that I never knew, and I take that as a lesson for me to become a better person, every single day.

And you taught the thought to always be kind to others, no matter how it goes. I am blessed with a strong support system, a loving family, amazing friends and the existence of the people that I love and care, on whom I shall showering them with my endless love and support. Forever and always. Thank you, to each one of you and you know who you are. 

There were tears and heartbreak when all I want is to swallow them in myself. But there were also good times when my hard work was blessed and unappreciated things that brought me to the end of the road. There were sweet victories and triumph when I refused to be afraid of the fear and accomplish what I thought impossible by facing it with bravery. Throughout all, you allow me to find the strength I never knew I have it in myself. I learn to trust in myself that I can do anything if I have the passion and drive for it. I learn to love the person that I am and slowly growing into.

Thank you, 2018 for all the lessons and because of you, at present I am a completely different person from whom I used to be a year ago. And I will become the best version of myself that I desire to be.

Here is to 2019, may the year will be granted with all the good things and happiness and I am ready for the challenges that will be coming through my way, may the force be with me. All rise and heads up.

Love, Syfka